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We provide metal welding services such as aluminium welding in Singapore. Welding is a technique used for joining metallic parts usually through heat application, to manipulate metal into useful shapes.



Most welding nowadays falls into either arc welding and torch welding.

Arc welding use­s an electrical arc to melt the work materials as well as filler material for welding joints. The process involves attaching a grounding wire to the welding material or other metal surface. Another wire known as an electrode lead is placed on the material to be welded. An electric arc is generated once that lead is pulled away from the material. The arc then melts the work pieces along with the filler material that helps to join the pieces.

Another popular welding method, torch welding, typically uses an oxyacetylene torch to melt the working material and the welding rod. It is less common industrially, but it’s still freqeuntly used for maintenance and repair work, as well as in sculputres.

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